McEvoy Fueling Cardlock Press Release

McEvoy Oil Company Unveils Commercial Diesel and Gas Station

By Patrick McEvoy – August 18, 2014

Bellingham, WA – Locally owned McEvoy Oil Company announces today that its commercially focused diesel and gas station on Irongate Rd is now open. The gas station is just off of Bakerview Rd, next to its main office.

Named “McEvoy Commercial Fueling,” the low-priced, unmanned station is geared towards businesses that have fleets of vehicles, but anyone with one or more vehicles can fill up 24 hours a day. The station features gas, diesel, and off-road diesel, and convenient oil and DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) vending machines will be coming shortly as well. It has a bathroom that can only be opened with a McEvoy Commercial Fueling card.

McEvoy Oil is offering additional everyday discounts to any customer who comes in and signs up for an account. The discount depends on multiple variables, including method of payment, payment terms, and gallons fueled per month. Options range from issuing company cards that can include numerous security features, to a simple code that can be given to the customer that will roll off a discount right on the pump when they go to fuel.

The McEvoy Commercial Fueling station is a part of the CFN nationwide commercial fueling network, when using McEvoy Oil issued CFN cards.

About McEvoy Oil Company

McEvoy Oil Company was started in Whatcom County in 1932. The current owner is third generation owner Tim McEvoy who, along with his brothers, purchased the wholesale business from their dad Pat McEvoy in 1999. Their previous office was located where the Chrysalis Hotel and Taylor St Dock is currently located, but moved in the late 1990s to the Irongate industrial area off of Bakerview Rd.

McEvoy Oil is the 2013 Shell Wholesaler of the Year. They fuel retail gas stations as well as on-site commercial fueling. They fuel the majority of the commercial and Coast Guard boats at the Bellingham marina, as well as agricultural fueling, on-site fleet fueling, delivery of lube oils and greases, and other large purpose gas and diesel transportation.


McEvoy Oil Company is located at 4040 Irongate Rd. McEvoy Commercial Fueling is located next door at 4064 Irongate Rd, next to the office. To learn more about their offerings and to set up an account, you can stop by the office, or contact them at: Pat Benesch, Salesman (360) 734-5650 Email: